"Hurry away, then, Eastwards!" (Brünnhilde)
Pat Andrea

"May her star shine for the happiest man!" (Wotan)
Montserrat Clausells

"May a bridal fire burn for you, as it never burned for any bride!" (Wotan)
Maria Gibert

"From the company of gods you are cut off, exiled from the band of immortals" (Wotan)
Jordi Gispert

"Siegmund's sacred mouring"
Albert Gonzalo

"I am unarmed: a wounded guest will not worry your husband" (Siegmund)
Marcos Palazzi

"Into this evil fight today I amb afraid to creep" (Brünhilde)
Juri Rodkin

"For only one shall win the bride, one freer than I, the God" (Wotan)

"I must lose you whom I love, kill the joy of my eyes!" (Wotan)
Jorge Zambrano

"Loge! Loge! Here!" (Wotan)
Dis Berlin

"The sword falls to pieces" (Wotan)
Fran Recacha

"Stop, Wälsung ! Hear what I say ! Sieglinde must live...." (Brünnhilde)
Manolo Sierra

"... keep this essential half far from you." (Brünnhilde)
Dino Valls

"The Father of the armies awaits you: he will tell you what destiny he has chosen." (Fricka)
Jose Luis Serzo

"Nach Walhall brechen wir auf."
Jose Luis Muñoz

"to me alone his eye suggested a sweet longing sadness" (Sieglinde)
Carles Gomila